Aaron Setlow







About me

Aaron Setlow Is a current NYC based actor and singer who grew up upstate near Albany.

As a kid Aaron grew up watching and loving the live performances that would come through the Proctors Theatre near his home. For almost as long as he has been watching Aaron has been acting.

From a young age he performed in shows like Little Shop of Horrors, GodSpell, and Oklahoma! He attended DeSales University and concentrated in musical theatre, graduating with his bachelors in 2019.

While at University he took on more challenging roles in plays like The Crucible and The Cherry Orchard. During that time he also learned the principals of Meisner and Stanislavski and worked those teachings into practiced skills.

Aaron is also well trained in combat both for the stage and martial arts. If you are looking for an eager young talent with dedication, skill, and style Aaron Setlow is your man for the job.